RULE 1: NO KOS (killing on sight) outside of PvP or active raid zones.

  • If you are in a PVE zone, you cannot take damage from other players! So when in doubt shoot.

RULE 2: Each team is limited to 3 raid every 24 hours

RULE 3: Limit the Griefing, don't be an ass just because you can.

  • No foundation wiping or attempting to foundation wipe.

RULE 4: Placing /using Auto Turrets is Allowed.

  • Auto Turrets outside Bases/Compounds MUST be set to Peacekeeper mode.
  • Auto Turrets inside Bases/Compounds CAN be set to Kill On Sight mode.
  • Auto Turrets inside Compounds MUST NOT be capable of killing players in PvE.

RULE 5: Placing Deployable Signs & Banners is Allowed

  • Signs and banners MUST NOT have disturbing or disrespectful phrases/images or they will be destroyed

RULE 6: Causing a Raid Zone for the sole purpose to KOS is not allowed.

RULE 7: Disrespectful/Disturbing & Overly Toxic Communication is Not Allowed

  • Including (but not limited to):
    • Personal threats
    • Causing unnecessary drama
    • Using slurs/disrespectful phrases

RULE 8: Doomsday/Purge Events Nullifies ALL Rules:

  • Combat & Engagement Rules, Raiding Rules & Building Rules are nullified over the course of the event
  • Free loot drops will occur every 5 minutes for the duration.
  • Exception: Rule 5 & 7