RULE 1: NO KOS (killing on sight) outside of PvP or active raid zones.


RULE 2: Each team is limited to 1 raid every 24 hours.


RULE 3: Raiding is optional, a player can opt into raiding whenever they want but once a player opts into raiding, the team(s) they are on will also be opted into raiding. There is no opting out of raiding until the next wipe.


RULE 4: Maximum raid group size limited to 4 people.

  • ABSOLUTELY no damage can be inflicted to the base that is  being raided outside of the 4 man team. (all players outside the 4 man raid group, can watch the raid and call out things, but they cannot inflict any damage to the base or base owners nor enter the base/compound.)
  •  Anything inside a 1 block radius of an active raid is considered PvP (if you are near a base being raided and shot by an owner of said base, that is on you, as you can NOT shoot back as that would break the 4 man rule.


RULE 5: Stealing Outside of Bases / Compounds is Allowed

  • Including: Horses, Vehicles, Helicopters & Unsecured Items
  • Pushing people off a recycler  is NOT allowed.


RULE 6: Door camping is prohibited for all players except base owners  (you can door camp inside your own base).


RULE 7: Griefing is NOT Allowed! SIMPLE don't be an ass because you can.

  •  Including (but not limited to):
    •  Locking players out of their own base
    • Locking the Tool Cupboard
    • Unnecessarily destroying workbenches & unlocked boxes or emptying containers.
    • Overly Toxic Communication is Not Allowed
    • Taking low tier loot or all loot with the goal to recycle or discard it.
    • Compounding around other player's base(s)
    • Permanently locking doors, Tool Cupboards & boxes
    • Despawning loot in a base (if you break a box place a new one and salvage as much loot as possible)
    • No cleaning out a base and/or taking low end items (if caught recycling these items out of a raiders base is subject to a ban)

RULE 8: Taking Over Another Player's Base is Not Allowed

  • You CAN place doors and tool cupboards but they must be removed or be unlocked when the raid (including: loot transferring) is finished.
  • Sealing a base after done raiding with leaving a key or a code for the base owner is strongly encouraged.


RULE 9: Placing Deployable Traps in the Wild is Not Allowed.

  • Deployable traps MUST be placed inside Bases/Compounds (range of TC).
  • Traps Include: Spike Traps, Bear Traps, Shotgun Traps, Mines, Barricades.


RULE 10: Placing/using Auto Turrets is Allowed

  • Auto Turrets outside Bases/Compounds MUST be set to Peacekeeper mode.
  • Auto Turrets outside Bases/Compounds MUST have warnings placed on signs.
  • Auto Turrets inside Bases/Compounds CAN be set to Kill On Sight mode.
  • Auto Turrets inside Compounds MUST NOT be capable of killing bypassers.


RULE 11: Placing SAM Sites is allowed outside the raid-free zone. HOWEVER they must be marked with a vending machines marked as SAM UNLESS set to defend MLRS only mode.


RULE 12: Placing Deployable Signs & Banners is Allowed

  • Signs and banners MUST NOT have disturbing or disrespectful phrases/images of visible by the public or they will be destroyed.


RULE 13: Disrespectful/Disturbing & Overly Toxic Communication is Not Allowed

  • Including (but not limited to):
    •  Personal threats
    • Causing unnecessary drama
    • Using slurs/disrespectful phrases


RULE 14: Doomsday/Purge Events Nullifies ALL Rules: WE WILL NOTIFY 24/12/6/1HRS BEFORE PURGE BEGINS.

  • Combat & Engagement Rules, Raiding Rules & Building Rules are nullified over the course of the event
  • Exception: Rule 12 & 13