RULE 1: NO KOS (killing on sight) outside of PvP zones or the PvP Storm.

  • If you are in a PVE zone, you cannot take damage from other players! So when in doubt shoot.

RULE 2: NO Raiding Active Players Bases

  • Damage of other players bases is disabled until a player is inactive for over 4 days (5 days for players who verified their discord and 6 days for players who are VIP). Once the player is inactive for longer than their time, their base(s) become an abandoned base (Raidable base event for other players). During purge all players bases are raidable. 
  • You can damage a players base to view the time which it has remaining before being abandoned.

RULE 3Cheating will not be tolerated

  • This server runs a wide list of custom anti-cheat scripts and If you are flagged repeatedly, you will be banned without question.
    • If you are banned, you can oppose it through discord using the ticket system or make a Forum on the website.
  • If you suspect a cheater, please report them using F7 and they will be delt with, don't call them out.
  • Players teamed with or playing with a known cheaters will be banned by association.
  • The admin has the final say.

RULE 4: Placing /using Auto Turrets is Allowed.

  • Auto Turrets outside Bases/Compounds MUST be set to Peacekeeper mode.
  • Auto Turrets inside Bases/Compounds CAN be set to Kill On Sight mode.
  • Auto Turrets inside Compounds MUST NOT be capable of killing players in PvE.

RULE 5: Placing Deployable Signs & Banners is Allowed

  • Signs and banners MUST NOT have disturbing or disrespectful phrases/images or they will be destroyed

RULE 6: Causing a Raid Zone for the sole purpose to KOS is not allowed.

  • This does have some exceptions i.e. IF you are being stolen from and make a PvP Zone to get someone out of your base. 

RULE 7: Disrespectful/Disturbing & Overly Toxic Communication is Not Allowed

  • Including (but not limited to):
    • Personal threats
    • Causing unnecessary drama
    • Using slurs/disrespectful phrases

RULE 8: Doomsday/Purge Events Nullifies ALL Rules:

  • Combat & Engagement Rules, Raiding Rules & Building Rules are nullified over the course of the event
  • Free loot drops will occur every 5 minutes for the duration.
  • Exception: Rule 5 & 7